2021 6th International Conference on Applied Mechanics and Structural Materials
Assoc. Prof. Jiuming Xie


Speech Title:

Thermo-mechanical-chemical multi-field coupled simulation of curing process in carbon-fiber-reinforced Polymer Molding


The curing process is a crucial part of the carbon-fiber-reinforced polymer molding process, which directly affects the quality of the product. Based on the curing theory of Resin Matrix composites, the thermo-mechanica l-chemical coupling model of the carbon-fiber-reinforced polymer curing process was established by using the finite element analysis software COMSOL, taking AS4/3501 carbon-fiber-reinforced polymer as an example, the multi-field coupling simulation of the molding curing process was carried out, and the correctness of the model was verified by the calculation of the literature examples, the evolution process of temperature, degree of cure, residual stress and strain in the curing process of die pressing was analyzed and studied. The results show that the temperature gradient during the cooling process can be reduced, and then the residual stress can be reduced, and the warpage of the laminates can be reduced at the cooling rate of 2.4-3.1 Kmin-, on the premise of small increase of residual stress, the curing time can be effectively reduced, and the molding efficiency can be improved. The optimum processing parameters of the material are: Molding pressure 692 KPA, holding time 65 Min, holding temperature 390 K, heating rate 2.6 Kmin-, the cooling rate is 2.8 Kmin-, and the composite laminates are fabricated by the molding process, and the mechanical properties are tested to verify the correctness of the simulation.